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We Review a Gyrokinesis Workshop at Mandarin Oriental

The Buzz Gyrokinesis is a movement-based practice, and was the precursor to the Gyrotonic method, which uses pulley-assisted machines to isolate and tone muscles. Unlike Gyrotonics, however, Gyrokinesis uses no equipment – just a mat and chair to explore all the natural movements of your spine and breath. Lisa Souissa is a guest practitioner in […]

We Review Vital Dome, a New Infrared Spa Treatment at W Hotel

The Buzz Infrared saunas are said to help heal the body through detoxification and relaxation in a way that’s similar to how regular saunas work, but at a lower temperature more comfortable to withstand. Vital Dome uses a similar concept, applying infrared technology via black carbon panels that surround your body in order to achieve […]

We Review Pregnancy Tracker, The Ultimate App for Mums-to-be

The Buzz: When you find out you’re expecting a baby, the sheer volume of information out there can be overwhelming! Newly launched in the Hong Kong market, the Pregnancy Tracker app is a powerful tool that lets you track every aspect of your pregnancy, find medically-verified answers to your pregnancy-related questions, and manage your schedule, […]

JENG! Box December Preview: What You’ll Find in Our Winter Self-Care Subscription Box!

We are so excited to officially reveal the goodies you’ll find inside December’s JENG! Box. Available in time for the festive season, December’s self-care box is filled with self-care treats, from supplements to snacks, skincare to sex toys – yes really! Read on to learn more about the premium partners that you’ll discover in our […]

We Review Blu Kouzina, A New Greek Food Delivery Option on Deliveroo

The Buzz One of Singapore’s most popular Mediterranean restaurants, Blu Kouzina is now available for delivery in Hong Kong exclusively via Deliveroo Editions! Operating out of Deliveroo’s shared kitchen in Wan Chai, this Greek restaurant actually has three concepts. First up is Blu Kouzina, which serves authentic, organic Mediterranean cuisine, from indulgent dips and starters […]

Review: Organic Lyocell Bed Sheets from Okooko

The Buzz: As we all look to make better choices for the planet, one easy way to sleep and live greener is to swap conventional cotton sheets for bamboo. Unlike farming-intensive cotton, bamboo is a sustainable resource that grows quickly and easily, absorbs five times more carbon than other plants, and requires 1/3 less water. […]

We Review The Diabetes Meal Plan From Eatology

The Buzz Based on traditional foods eaten in Italy and Greece, the Mediterranean diet has been linked to a host of healthy outcomes, including weight loss and prevention of type 2 diabetes. Meal planning service Eatology just launched their Mediterranean diabetes meal plan to reap some wholesome health benefits and cater to anyone with diabetic […]

We Review an Animal Flow Class at AndFit Studio

The Buzz Taking “beast mode” to a very literal interpretation, Animal Flow is a workout that uses different ground-based movements that somewhat mimic the movement of animals. Emphasising body weight training, balance, coordination and agility, Animal Flow links movements and transitions together into a cohesive and – ideally – smooth routine that looks seriously cool […]

We Review Slap Stick, A Zero Waste Foundation From Lush

 The Buzz: We love zero-waste shampoo bars, moisturisers and soaps, but cosmetics? Colour us skeptical. Eco-beauty pioneers, Lush, have created Slap Sticks, a solid foundation that promises no plastic at all. Our question is: can a zero waste foundation perform as well as conventional makeup?  The Product: Slap Sticks come in a tear-shaped creamy bar, […]