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Hong Kong Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Ahimsa Buffet An affordable vegetarian buffet at just $68 per head for lunch and $108 for dinner, Ahimsa Buffet serves a wide selection of dishes that include dim sum, Buddhist-style vegetarian and salads. The Zen venue is popular with Buddhists though it attracts its fair share of “flexitarians,” and even hosts regular jazz nights. Shop […]

The Fitness Business

It’s many a corporate cog’s dream to ditch the nine-to-five and pursue a career where their passions lie – but it takes guts to make that jump! Kate Springer talks with three former suits about how they turned their backs on corporate life to work in wellness. She’s the Business Teaching is one of the […]

Fresh Cuts: Healthy Dining News for July

Salad Toss This summer, seven restaurants will be battling it out in the Reinventing Salads campaign. The contest will determine who makes the best salad in Hong Kong, with the eventual winner being crowned on August 1. The concept is simple: each restaurant – Linguni Fini, Common Room, Viet Kitchen, Beef & Liberty, Lily & […]

An Eco-Friendly trip to Beijing

When you think of China’s capital, a great wall of smog may first come to mind. But when the sun peeks out, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. By Kate Springer Beijing is constantly making headlines for its thick smog and “airpocalypses,” experiencing its first pollution “red alert” last year. While high levels […]

Fresh Cuts: Healthy Dining News for May

A Shot of goodness Lazy weekends by the beach just got a whole lot healthier with Hotshot’s new health-conscious menu options. For something rich in colour, there’s the Overly Tanned Carrot Salad, a medley of roasted baby carrots, beetroot, feta, cashew nuts and orange; while the “Pasadena Fresh” is a coleslaw made with heirloom tomatoes, […]

Travel Well

Adventure travel and wellness retreats with Gayatri Bhaumik Professional Help This April, the Maldives’ Anantara Kihavah Villas is offering guests the chance to create a healthier lifestyle with the help of natural health consultant Toby Maguire. From April 13-28, guests will be able to book sessions with Maguire to help bring their mind and body […]

Fermenting Kefir and Kombucha in Hong Kong

Always wanted to give fermenting a go, but don’t know your SCOBY from your elbow? Shan Shan Feng gets the lowdown on fermented drinks. What is Fermenting? Fermentation is the process by which sugar and starches are broken down into alcohol and acids by microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast. What you’re left with is […]

The Skinny on Skinny Fat

While a slender physique may seen enviable to some, many of us are now waking up to the dangers of “Skinny Fat”. Kate Springer finds out why thin isn’t always in. This time last year, you’d probably find Candy Leung watching Korean dramas on TV until 1am, with a Cup Noodles in one hand and […]

Healthy Chocolate in Hong Kong

Treat your beloved to a healthier kind of chocolate this Valentine’s Day, writes Shan Shan Feng. Hot on the heels of Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year make February a big month for sugary sweets and snacks. Give your sweetie something a little healthier this year with these chocolate treats that are actually good […]

Q&A: Paleo lifestyle in HK with Lory May Martin

We speak to Lory May Martin of Pack of Packs, a blog all about living the paleo lifestyle in Hong Kong. She shares her tips and pointers.   What does paleo mean, exactly? In a nutshell, the paleo theory is that, genetically speaking, we have not changed much from our palaeolithic ancestors. This means that […]


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