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Check out KIRR, a new zero-waste online store

It can be hard choosing sustainability over convenience, but who says they have to be mutually exclusive? KIRR is a new online platform based in Hong Kong aimed at helping us lead more eco-friendly lives. An acronym for “Keeping It Real & Raw,” the site is the brainchild of the people behind specialist bakers The Cakery, and focuses on spreading information to champion the rise of sustainable living. Offering recipes, tips, articles and a beautifully curated range of slow fashion, accessories, homeware, clean beauty and children’s toys, you can’t help but jump on the green bandwagon with this sleek website. Taking zero-waste to the next level, KIRR stocks a range of basic food ingredients and healthy snacks in bulk, without any harmful packaging to encourage people to cook at home and reduce plastic waste. They also offer a wide range of gluten-free, organic and vegan ingredients that can be delivered directly to your home.

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