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The Buzz: O:RIN was opened after its owner was diagnosed with an immune system disorder and found relief through the magic of Pilates. Located in Quarry Bay, right near the TaiKoo office complex, this relaxed and spacious studio is kitted out with a huge range of equipment. And at a stone’s throw from TaiKoo Place, it’s a perfect lunchtime or post-work pitstop to squeeze in a workout. 

The Class: We arrive for our private class, and immediately fall in love with the Insta-worthy pink tiles, photography-covered lockers and gold fixtures. One-on-one sessions are tailored to each client’s needs, so there’s no set class format. We start on the Reformer machine, an apparatus we’ve used before but aren’t overly familiar with, and focus on strengthening and elongating target muscle groups – specifically the inner thighs. For the last 15 minutes we move on to the Gyrotonic machine, which gets us working in a wider range of motion. Our instructor guides us through six simple movements including shoulder rotations, side bends, and swan dives, using light resistance from the machine. Our instructor uses hands-on adjustments to correct our posture, ensuring total precision. 

The Verdict: The studio is gorgeous, and we might just be in love. Our instructor put us  completely at ease with her extensive knowledge of Pilates and anatomy, with an added aura of calm that helps us relax from the get-go. We don’t work up a sweat, which is ideal anyway if you’re heading back to the office, but still feel like our muscles have been challenged by focusing on small movements, posture,
and alignment.

The Cost: One-on-one sessions cost $980, two-on-one $680 per student. Small group classes start from $250 per session, with packages available for 5, 10, 15 or 20 classes. One private trial class is offered for $400 for first timers.

Unit 6, 19F Westlands Centre, 20 Westlands Rd., Quarry Bay, 5726-1669, orin.com.hk.

In partnership with O:RIN

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