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The Buzz: High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) classes are massively popular because of the bang you get for your buck: maximum burn with minimum time! Not only that, you get a host of long-term benefits long after the hard work is done – handy for when the holiday season is over.

The class: Led by Diana, this full-body class is held in a small group to keep things intimate. This time, there were five of us, each with varying degrees of fitness. We worked through 10 intense exercises, each one lasting 45 seconds with a 15-second rest between. We completed three rounds, with short breaks between sets for water and a quick rest. After the workout, Diana took us through a series of stretches, some of which we did on the heated Himalayan pink salt floor for maximum relaxation.

The verdict: Intimate and consistently challenging, this was perfect for our group of blended fitness levels. Diana, kept a careful eye on everyone’s form, and because of the varying exercises it never felt like it was too easy. We loved how this class targeted every muscle group, and although it was very hard to walk the next day, that means Diana did her job right! The stretching part was brilliant and the warm Himalayan salt stone floor was so cozy we could have dozed off on it. 

Price : $220 for drop-ins.

UG/F, Hang Tak Building, 1 Electric St., Wan Chai (off Star Street), 3590-8500, www.ozone.fitness.

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