The Buzz: Looking to swap out your conventional deodorant for something a little more natural? ZeroYet100 is a proudly made in Hong Kong deodorant brand that uses only natural ingredients to deliver a powerful deodorising punch. The product is approved by the STC (Standard and Testing Centre of Hong Kong) so you can be sure it’s totally safe.

The Product: The deodorant comes either in stick or pot form. If you’re in a rush, we recommend the paper tube stick packaging, which is fully biodegradable. The deodorant has a slightly creamy texture thanks to the moisturizing shea butter and cold-pressed coconut oil. We also love the addictive fragrance of patchouli and palmarosa essential oils, which is pleasant but not overpowering.

The Verdict: We’re converted! Not only does this deodorant leave you smelling fresh all day thanks to the probiotics in the formula, it also stops perspiration stains from forming on your clothes. It’s not marketed as an anti-perspirant (the founders believe you should sweat naturally), but we generally felt fresher and that perspiration was reduced. ZeroYet100 also offers a detox pack that can help you detox your underarms before making the switch to natural deodorant.

Price: $148 for the tube stick; $108 for the deodorant pot.

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(presented in partnership with ZeroYet100)



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