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Looking a little worn out, run down, haggard from the past few months? Join the club, it has been a soul-sucking time to be alive in Hong Kong! To help give us a bit of pep back in our step (or at least the appearance of it), we’ve been trying out different vegan and natural eye creams while we’re largely been stuck at home. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found so far: 

Aesop Exalted Eye Serum

This new serum from Aesop delivers the goods and then some! Heavy infusions of Vitamin C and niacinamide make it a potent brightening tool, and it absorbs quickly, making it great for day-time use. $800 for 15ml

WULT Eye Contour & Eye Lift Package

Double the fun in this two-in-one eye remedy from local beauty brand Woke Up Like This. You get the brand’s Eye Contour Essence, with rosehip seed oil and baobab oil, and their Instant Eyelift Serum, which massages peptides into your skin with a built-in applicator. $888 for 2x 15ml 

Rare Skin Fuel Eye & Lip Illuminating Serum

Another homegrown natural beauty brand we love is Rare Skin Fuel. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but this luxury skincare line uses only cold-pressed Australian-made ingredients that are certified organic. This luxurious natural eye serum uses kakadu plum and quandong fruit extracts for maximum exfoliation, and it glides into the skin like a dream. $1,750 for 15ml

INUF Instant Lifting Eye Treatment Mask

For some serious self-care, set aside a bit of time for this high-performance natural eye treatment. The bio-cellulose coconut meat eye patches contain argireline peptide and plant-based caviar (we had no idea that was a thing either) for a super rejuvenating effect. Pop it in the fridge first, for that extra cooling effect. $320 for 5 sets of eye masks

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream

Banana powder acts as a natural colour corrector in this super popular natural eye cream that has been winning praise from beauty fanatics since it was first introduced two years ago. An excellent option for anyone suffering from dark circles. $345 for 15ml

Biossance Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream

We love slathering on this rich eye cream from clean beauty pioneers, Biossance. The brand is known for its use of “shark-saving squalane” – an ethical option to squalene, which is made from shark’s liver. $420 for 15ml

Native Essentials NOOR Retinol Eye Oil

Packaged in a convenient roll-on bottle, you can apply this radiance-boosting oil to tired puffy eyes with ease. Developped by local natural beauty brand, Native Essentials, this NOOR oil makes use of plant-based retinol (bakuchiol) and white lupin extract, with a gorgeous blend of essential oils for a subtle aromatic effect. Perfect to pop in the purse and use on-the-go. $235 for 8ml

Wildsmith Skin Active Super Eye Serum

Crow’s feet and eye bags be gone! This powerful eye serum from this cult British beauty brand uses extracts from elderberry and paracress flowers, and green coffee extract to protect against pollution and free radicals. $830 for 15ml

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