Test-Drive: Acti-Tape | Liv

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The Buzz: Developed with the support of leading physiotherapists, Acti-Tape aids recovery from sports injuries. Applied correctly, it supports joints and muscles and enhances sports performance without affecting your range of motion.  

Application: We often experience knee pain during exercise, and so we were keen to see if the tape would alleviate our symptoms during a long trail run. We followed the simple strappng instructions on the Acti-Tape website, and instantly felt support against inward and outward over-rotation.

The Verdict: The tape was very easy and comfortable to apply, and if you don’t quite get it in the right spot first time you can easily move it without losing stickiness. We really benefitted from having support around the knee, and didn’t experience any discomfort over a 30k run. It was also very effective at protecting joints and ligaments during high-impact sports such as netball and rugby. The tape is soft and stretchy, meaning it’s comfortable and doesn’t irritate or affect performance, and it’s super versatile so it can be used on a whole range of body parts including the shoulder, elbow, back and ankle. Acti-Tape comes in 5-metre rolls and in two different widths depending on your needs.  There are also 10 different colours to choose from.

$129 per roll at www.acti-tape.com.

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