We Review a Posture Correction Class at UPHealth Clinic | Liv
A man has his spine checked at a posture correction class at UPHealth Clinic in Hong Kong.

The Buzz: With the total world domination of smartphones, tablets and laptops, proper posture is taking a serious hit as humanity hunches and cranes over their devices constantly. Posture correction classes are popping up in cities all over the world, and UP!Health in Central is bringing the service to HK with its latest posture correction class. We check out one of the group workshops with a group of other im-postures looking to get aligned.

The Class: We start off stretching the oft-overlooked neck muscles with some small, gentle movements that slowly work out any tightness in the area. We move on to some chest and shoulder openers along the wall, and are shown how to do wall angels, which both stretch and mobilize our shoulder blades as well as illustrates an imbalance we’ve never noticed before between our left and right shoulder. Using an assortment of handy props like TheraBands and foam rollers, we’re guided through a series of counted, gentle exercises that are designed to bring awareness to our muscles and proprioception. 

The Verdict: Our instructor is warm and attentive, making sure to correct us as we go and explain the relevance of each exercise to our posture. By focussing on slow movements and breathwork, we get a better sense of those all-important first steps we can take to start working on SOS – saving our spines. Sure to be a hit with Central’s office workers who need a gentle push every now and then to straighten up. 

$300. 11F, Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington St., Central, 2110-1674, uphealth.com.hk.

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