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WLA 2023: Best Allied Health Clinic

Meet the winners of the 2023 WLA Awards for Best Allied Health Clinic, celebrated for providing superior healthcare services and enhancing patient care. These clinics have distinguished themselves through exceptional professionalism and dedication in allied health, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


With over 30 years of experience, IMI is a leading integrative medicine clinic in Hong Kong. Their skilled team, including naturopaths, osteopaths, and homeopaths, blends traditional healing practices with modern testing for effective results. Beyond physical health, IMI offers counseling, psychotherapy, and psychology for emotional support and personal growth. Their osteopaths address both physical discomfort and emotional well-being, while Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture focus on balancing the body’s energy.


GOLD: Health Wise

Health Wise is a respected clinic specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on pain management, fertility, and internal health. With over 30 years of experience, they offer a range of treatments like acupuncture, herbal therapy, and cupping. Their practitioners use traditional methods to treat a variety of health issues, providing personalised care to address underlying causes and enhance overall wellbeing. The clinic is known for integrating classic Chinese Medicine with contemporary insights, making it a go-to for natural and holistic health solutions.


SILVER: LifeClinic

LifeClinic, established in 2009, is a healthcare provider specialising in integrative treatments for disease prevention, anti-aging, general health, and chronic diseases. They merge traditional medicine with alternative therapies like functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutrition, psychology, and naturopathy to address root causes of health issues. Their approach is holistic, considering all aspects of a patient’s health and stages of disease. The clinic’s team of international physicians and practitioners collaboratively offers comprehensive solutions tailored to individual patient needs.



UP!health is a multidisciplinary health clinic that specialises in chiropractic care, clinical massage, and sports massage therapy. With two conveniently located clinics in the heart of Central and the bustling business district of Admiralty, UP!health is committed to delivering excellent clinical care and ensuring a positive client experience within a welcoming environment.


FINALIST: Central & Stanley Wellness

Central & Stanley Wellness emphasises treating the whole person, not just their illness. They use integrative and functional medicine to pinpoint the root causes of health problems and develop customised treatment plans. The clinic’s team collaborates closely, helping patients regain control of their health and achieve overall recovery.


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