World Sleep Day at Lane Crawford | Liv

On March 15, Liv readers gathered at Lane Crawford Pacific Place home store to celebrate the Hong Kong launch of Shleep, a luxury merino wool bedding and lifestyle brand dedicated to a good night’s sleep. Over a healthy menu of sleep-inducing canapes, including chamomile tea, sour cherry juice, turkey wraps and low-sugar banana cupcakes, attendees listened to fascinating talks by Sheelp founder Indi McCullough and Sleep HQ founder Kate Bridle, followed an aromatherapy workshop by Aromatherapy Associates.
Far from being scratchy, thick and too hot for Hong Kong’s climate, we learned that Shleep’s next-generation of wool technology creates a fine-woven fabric that’s breathable, thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking for a thoroughly relaxing night’s sleep. Studies have also shown that sleeping on wool allows babies to sleep longer and deeper than on conventional materials.
Attendees also relished the opportunity to receive tips from a certified sleep expert. From limiting screen time and dimming lights in the evening, to ensuring a consistent waking and sleeping time, everyone looked forward to practicing her advice at home. After all, how can you live your healthiest life without a good night’s sleep?
Thanks to all who joined us, and we look forward to inviting you to future events!

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