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women of wellness 2023

On June 5, Liv Media hosted the Women of Wellness 2023 awards at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Held in celebration of Global Wellness Day, this fun and intimate event saw some of Hong Kong’s top names in wellbeing join together in celebration of the city’s wellness community.

women of wellness 2023
Anthea Wong, mindfulness ambassador for Bloom Sixteen, leads a 16-minute singing bowl guided meditation

Women of Wellness 2023 kicked off with a welcome speech by Liv founder Sarah Fung, followed by a 16-minute guided meditation with singing bowls by Anthea Wong, mindfulness ambassador for skincare brand Bloom Sixteen. Then, guests were treated to a talk by Elaine Champion, who shared her inspiring story on how a health scare that came at a stressful moment in her high-flying corporate career helped her to find her purpose.

women of wellness 2023
Elaine Champion shares her inspiring story

A special award was also presented to Perdita Fung, Area Director of Human Resources at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, for her dedication to improving employee wellbeing across the organisation.

women of wellness 2023
From left: Sarah Fung of Liv Media; Perdita Fung, Area HR Director, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong; Richard Greaves, General Manager, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Finally, Richard Greaves, Area Vice President and General Manager of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong shared more about the Group’s equity and wellbeing initiatives, before inviting the guests to tuck into a delectable healthy breakfast spread at The Grill.

women of wellness 2023
Richard Greaves welcomes Women of Wellness guests to Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Thank you all so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us! Please find the full winner list below.

Health Coaches

From Left: Beth Wright, B Fit the Wright Way; Mandy To, Goodnight Goodday

Platinum: Beth Wright, B Fit The Wright Way

Gold: Jade Dharmana, The Holistic Sleep Edit

Silver: Mandy To, Goodnight Goodday

Wellness Entrepreneurs

From left: Yeone Fok, ethikaal; Mandy Pao, EQ International; Vicky Xu (representing Esther Ma, Prestique); Jerwine Bonafe-Que, THE BLOMSTRE

Platinum: Jerwine Bonafe-Que, THE BLOMSTRE

Gold: Mandy Pao, EQ International

Silver: Esther Ma, Prestique Limited / HarvestSky

Finalist: Yeone Fok, SparkRaise / ethikaal

Mums & Kids

From left: Elizaveta Kosareva, Kosandra Sports; Laetitia Montfort, Woman Beyond Mother; Michelle O’Brien, Asphodel

Platinum: Laetitia Montfort, Woman Beyond Mother

Gold: Michelle O’Brien, Asphodel Fitness and Performance

Silver: Elizaveta Kosareva, Kosandra Sports

Mental Health

From left: Rinat Perlman, Central & Stanley Wellness (represented by Bec Mickiewicz); Sonia Samtani, All About You; Anisha Ramanathan, Withers; Michelle Lai, All Great Minds

Platinum: Anisha Ramanathan, Withers

Gold: Sonia Samtani, All About You

Silver: Michelle Lai, All Great Minds

Finalist: Rinat Perlman, Central & Stanley Wellness

Athletes & Trainers

From left: Ayelet Assor, Central & Stanley Wellness (represented by Bec Mickiewicz); Tricia Yap, Limitless; Alison Tam, Alison Tam Swimming

Platinum: Tricia Yap, Limitless

Gold: Alison Tam, Alison Tam Swimming

Silver: Ayelet Assor, Central & Stanley Wellness


Ceicy Wong, Vegware (L); Sarah Fung, Liv media (R)
Sarah Fung, Liv Media (L); Stephanie Zhu, Cotton Pigs (R)

Silver: Emily Lam Ho, 8Shades

Gold: Stephanie Zhu, Cotton Pigs

Platinum: Ceicy Wong, Vegware

Medicine & Allied Health

From left: Dr. Laurena Law, Choy Sum Health; Dr. Ho See Yunn, Restore Integrative Medical Clinic; Charlotte Goodwin, Central & Stanley Wellness

Silver: Charlotte Goodwin, Central & Stanley Wellness

Gold: Dr. Ho See Yunn, Restore IntegrativeMedical Clinic

Platinum: Dr. Laurena Law, Choy Sum Health

Community Wellness Leaders

Joyce Au-Yeung, Happiness Factory (represented by Rosalie e’Silva); Stephanie Ng, Body Banter; Angela Kaur Baura, Inkspirer; Sherry Yasay, Sherry Yasay Holistic Healing

Finalist: Stephanie Ng, Body Banter

Silver: Joyce Au-Yeung, Happiness Factory

Gold: Angela Kaur Baura, Inkspirer

Platinum: Sherry Yasay, Sherry Yasay Holistic Healing

Alternative Wellness & Spirituality

From left: Sharon Leng, Sharon Leng Wellness; Emilie Berthet Clairet, Vitality Center; Michelle Harris, Michelle Harris International; Hana Chung, Lemoi Aromatherapy & Wellness

Finalist: Sharon Leng, Sharon Leng Wellness

Silver: Emilie Berthet Clairet, Vitality Center

Gold: Hana Chung, Lemoi Aromatherapy & Wellness

Platinum: Michelle Harris, Michelle Harris International

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