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The foundation of good health is having a body that moves and works as it’s meant to. These athletes and trainers are committed to helping their clients find ease and joy in their movements.

Alison Tam, Alison Tam Swimming

Alison Tam, founder of Alison Tam Swimming, has done so much to make swimming fun and accessible to the wider community. This vital life skill is unfortunately often overlooked, and it is Alison’s mission to get more people to discover the joy and empowerment that comes with getting into the water. Her coaching company is passionate about helping adults and children enjoy the water by giving them the tools to overcome fear, build essential skills, and improve their technique and fitness in a friendly, small group environment. They also offer domestic helper classes as well as baby & toddler classes. This year, Alison will launch an online baby & toddler course to help more parents teach water safety skills to their young children.

alisontamswimming.com, instagram.com/alisontamswimming

Ayelet Assor, Central & Stanley Wellness

A certified Pilates instructor, Ayelet uses Pilates as a rehabilitation tool to treat all kinds of physical issues, such as back, hip and knee pain and mobility challenges. Her passion, however, lies in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Ayelet is trained at the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, USA and is experienced in treating all sorts of pelvic floor dysfunctions with empathy and dignity, offering behavioural education, biofeedback and sEMG treatment in addition to exercises and manual therapy. As a mother of four, Ayelet understands the importance of pelvic floor rehabilitation and the effect pelvic floor dysfunction can have on your quality of life. She offers both in-clinic and home visits.


Tricia Yap, Limitless

Tricia is a performance coach and educator known for her holistic and balanced approach towards lifestyle, nutrition and training. Her functional medicine approach to personal training does not focus on “transformations”, but on achieving optimal health at a cellular level and empowering her clients to make better lifestyle decisions for sustainable fat loss. Tricia creates personalised, multi-pillar programs that address nutritional gaps and deficiencies and rebalance hormones by improving gut, adrenal function and blood sugar management. All of this is combined with structured strength training and designed to work around her clients’ busy lives for sustainable, long-term results.

limitless.hk, instagram.com/limitlesshealthhk instagram.com/triciayap

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