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Mooncake season might be right around the corner, but we’ve got our minds on mochi and mochi on our minds! This recipe for Chinese-style mochi is gluten-free and too easy to make. Try making it and experimenting with different healthy fillings, like vegan ice cream, fruit or low-GI peanut butter.



  • 180g glutinous rice flour
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp tapioca flour
  • 21⁄4cupwater
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil


  • 100g roasted peanuts, crushed
  • 100g sugar


  1. Mix glutinous rice and tapioca flours with water to form a batter.
  2. Transfer batter to a pan, using cooking oil to lightly grease. Steam on high heat using a steamer, breadmaker or stovetop wok with cover, for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Check center of the dough to check that its cooked through; it should be springy and chewy.
  4. Let cool to room temperature.
  5. Mix peanuts and sugar evenly in a bowl.
  6. Using a knife, cut into squares or balls, adding healthy filling inside if you wish. Roll the mochi in the coating, then serve!

Pro tip: Remember not to eat too quickly. Mochi can be a choking hazard!

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