We Review Vital Dome, a New Infrared Spa Treatment at W Hotel | Liv
A woman inside the Vital Dome, a new spa treatment available in Hong Kong.

The Buzz

Infrared saunas are said to help heal the body through detoxification and relaxation in a way that’s similar to how regular saunas work, but at a lower temperature more comfortable to withstand. Vital Dome uses a similar concept, applying infrared technology via black carbon panels that surround your body in order to achieve your desired result, whether that’s improving circulation, recovery from injury, or just relieving a bit of stress. As part of the W Hotel’s new FUEL FIX staycation package, we tried out this cutting-edge spa tech treatment to see if we could stand the heat.

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The Spa Treatment

The Vital Dome machine looks intimidating at first, like a sensory deprivation tank. As we undress and slip in, however, it’s comfortable and disperses a uniform heat that’s actually quite pleasant. The technician drapes a towel over it to create a seal around our décolletage, leaving our face and neck blissfully outside of the Vital Dome’s heat zone. After an earlier consultation, our technician programmes the machine to the Slimming & Toning plan, a 45-minute session that sustains an internal temperature of 61 degrees.

The Verdict

We love saunas, but they can also be stifling to the point of discomfort. With this machine, we’re able to hang out comfortably for a full 45 minutes, presumably reaping any bodily benefits from sweating it out for so long. While we can’t say we noticed any total body transformations, some sore muscles from an earlier training session were noticeably soothed, and it felt good to flush out our system uninterrupted for longer than we normally would.

Cost: $980 (+10 percent) for 45 minutes; $1,280 (+10 percent) for one hour. The FUEL Fix staycation includes a thirty-minute Vital Dome Detox experience for two, and starts at $2,200 (+10 percent) per night.