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Whether you want to improve your communication, you’re hitting a rough patch in your relationship or even contemplating separation, it always helps to have a professional guide you in navigating unchartered waters. Dr. Quratulain Zaidi of MindnLife offers professional advice on relationships, and highlights the importance of safeguarding the mental health of couples and their families through both everyday and life-changing events.

Relationships, marriage and the family unit are the core of our society. So it goes without saying that we should place a very high importance on the creation, maintenance and in some unfortunate cases: dismantling of these relationships. Choosing to end a relationship with care and compassion can help protect the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

Repairing The Damage

“Will we ever get over this?” “Can I ever trust them again?” These are the questions that come up most during our Couples Therapy, or more intensive Marathon Couples Therapy sessions. If you are truly seeking to make the relationship work, it’s best to draw a line and agree to begin again. Then the real work can begin as we carve out a “new” relationship that will work best for the couple and those around them.

The End of a Relationship

It’s not always in the best interests of the couple and the rest of their family to keep a marriage going. But divorcing with dignity and respect is possible. At MindnLife, we feel strongly that addressing certain issues early on can prevent toxic conflict – and most importantly – protect children and teens in their new circumstances.

Collaborative Divorce

New to Hong Kong, collaborative divorce allows the end of a marriage to be resolved respectfully, privately out of court and under the guidance of a team of collaborative lawyers and professionals working together to safeguard your family’s best interests. In other words, no one party “wins.” This is a process that suits couples who wish to part ways amicably and remain respectful afterwards.

Support Through Separation and Divorce

Divorce in itself isn’t harmful to your children, but a bad divorce is. Maintaining respectful communication between the couple will save time and heartache. For couples with children, the key is to apply a child-focused approach, taking into consideration the emotional and mental wellbeing of the entire family.

About Dr. Quratulain Zaidi

Dr. Zaidi has more than a decade of clinical experience with a wide variety of mental health, social emotional, behavioural and relationship challenges. She has extensive experience working with adults, families and couples and her empathetic, understanding and non-judgemental manner is something her clients appreciate.

In partnership with MindnLife.

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