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The Circle App summarizes key health data and helps you monitor your health over time.

Pretty much everyone has “get a health check” on their to-do list for the new year, right? Medical testing is a great way to get a base level assessment of your overall health, so you know what aspects of your wellbeing you need to focus on in the year to come. However, health screenings can be expensive, time-consuming and not tailored to one’s specific health concerns.

This is where CircleX comes in. This new initiative by Prenetics is designed to make health checks convenient, affordable and actionable.

Chow and his team have designed CircleX as a solution to the common pain points of traditional health checks.

“With the increase in people living longer lives, we’ve come to realise that just living longer doesn’t necessarily mean being healthier. Old-fashioned check-ups are usually inconvenient, expensive, and the information they provide can be hard for regular folks to understand. That’s why we created CircleX – to provide a game-changing solution to these challenges,” says Howard Chow, Lead at CircleX (pictured).

CircleX has taken all the problems associated with traditional health checks and transformed the experience. An app stores your health data so you can monitor your progress over time and access simple, actionable, and personalised health recommendations whenever you like. Moreover, “Health Scores”, which are calculated based on your health data – such as BioAge, Inflammatory Status and 10-year ASCVD (Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease) risk, to name a few – can help you understand your well-being at a glance.

It’s convenient, too. With CircleX, a phlebotomist comes to your home for blood-taking. In fact, you can even perform health checks with other members of your household and take charge of your health together.

Bring health to your doorstep and to the rest of your family with a private home visit from a professional phlebotomist. 

Not sure what tests you need? You can also have a consultation with a CircleX doctor, who will go over your medical history and make bespoke recommendations. For instance, those with a family history of cancer may want to add on screenings for cancer biomarkers, while someone with an elevated cholesterol genetic risk may want to add an ApoA1 cholesterol test.

But if you’re young and healthy, why get a health check now? Well, as any medical professional will tell you, early intervention can help avoid complications later in life. Issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar may not present any symptoms in their early stages, but can lead to serious and chronic health issues down the line. By flagging potential issues early, you can make simple lifestyle changes now to head off more serious illness later.

Chow adds: “At Prenetics, one of our core goals is to make early disease prevention accessible, and CircleX perfectly aligns with that vision. Building on our flagship product, CircleDNA, which helps individuals uncover their genetic-based disease risks, CircleX takes it a step further by allowing individuals to complement this key information with their present health status.” 

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Click here to learn more about CircleX health screenings!

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