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The Hong Kong organic wine scene has gained popularity in the past few years. In fact, organic wines are particularly beneficial for wellness enthusiasts who still enjoy a tipple! Ahead of the festive season, we speak to Sandy Ng from COCOBOP, a newly launched wine supplier specialising in niche, organic wines, about why it might be time to make the switch to organic wines. 

Organic, Biodynamic, or Natural

There are many different ways to describe natural wines – but they don’t all mean the same thing. Sandy gives us a quick explainer:

Organic Wines

Organic means that the wine is made from grapes that have been organically farmed, with the same stringent standards as other certified organic foods. They will have been grown without artificial fertilisers, synthetic chemical pesticides or herbicides, and no GMOs.

Biodynamic Wines

A step beyond organic, biodynamic wines have been made in accordance with the rhythms of nature, taking into account the changing seasons and even the moon cycle. 

Sustainable Wines 

These wines may not be strictly certified as organic, but the grapes have been farmed according to best ecological practices. 

Natural Wines 

Natural wines are wines that have not had additives added during the fermentation or bottling process. As a result, these wines will be free from additives, chemicals, sulphur and cultured yeasts.

So Why Go Natural? 

Sandy shares her top three reasons to make the switch to organic wine…

Organic is better for the planet

Organic wines are grown without synthetic chemical treatments, such as fungicides, pesticides or fertilisers. When wines are conventionally grown, these chemicals leach into the ground and contaminate the soil and water in the surrounding area. 

Fewer additives, fewer hangovers

Big brand wines are pumped with additives and processing agents in order to create a standardised product. For example, sulphites, an antibacterial agent that can contribute to hangovers. It’s the same with sugar, which is often added to conventional wines to improve flavour. This also means that organic and biodynamic wines usually have less sugar and therefore fewer calories. They’re also naturally lower in alcohol, which means you can enjoy without suffering the effects of a hangover the next day (well, depending how much you drink!)

Support Artisanal Wineries

Wine is a massive industry, and smaller wineries trying to lessen their environmental impact need our patronage in order to thrive. COCOBOP prides itself on working with independent winemakers to source unique and interesting tipples produced in limited numbers each year. 

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COCOBOP’s Organic Wine Mission

A Hong Kong organic wine company that launched this year, COCOBOP is on a mission to change how Hongkongers drink wine. This online store prides itself on sourcing organic, biodynamic and natural wines from small independent wineries, helping you discover niche bottles. Run by two experienced millennial marketers in the luxury and hospitality industries, this female-led business is all about encouraging customers to enjoy wine as they enjoy life: fully, unseriously, and with friends. Not sure what wine to try? Contact their sommelier for a walkthrough of everything they have on offer. 

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