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Nothing says “Happy holidays!” like a festive gift basket, and this year we’re all about the healthy Christmas gift hampers. Here are some of our top choices for a more nutritious but just as satisfying holiday treat that’ll sustains you well past December 25th.

Gift Hampers HK

A healthy Christmas gift hamper from Gift Hampers HK

Local gift basket purveyors Gift Hampers HK have put together a fabulously fresh hamper, packed with treats for the fitness-minded recipient. The Healthy Pleasure basket includes artisanal and nutritious snacks, like crunchy broccoli crisps with chilli, roasted sweet chilli chickpeas, gluten-free all-butter lemon shortbread, salted double-chocolate raw bake cookies and more.

$489 each. Order online at


A Daylesford Organic Farm healthy gift hamper for Christmas from City'super

If you’re really looking to splurge and up your healthy gift hamper game, check out the ample offerings from upscale supermarket City’super. They have a huge range of gift baskets, with special Christmas offerings that cater to all tastes. We love the Seasonal Fruits Gift Box, which comes packed with a juicy selection of Japanese fruits, like Fuji apples, persimmons, and shine muscat grapes, as well as the Asian Healthy Regimen hamper, which loads up on TCM-inspired products like teas, vinegars, dried mushrooms and fruits, and black garlic. If you’re craving British treats, go for one of their Daylesford Farm baskets, which come with mouthwatering organic treats like maple walnuts, double chocolate spelt oaties, enough tea to carry any Brit through the festive season, and a yummy-smelling fig leaf candle.

$1,288 for Seasonal Fruits Hamper, $2,688 for Healthy Regimen Hamper, $1,488 for Daylesford Afternoon Tea Hamper. Order online at City’super.

The British Hamper Company

This one’s for the gluten-free giftees! If you know someone who could use their own personal stash of gluten-free treats over the holidays, consider one of the gluten-free festive hampers from the British Hamper Company. These gift baskets contain wheatless wonders specially imported all the way from the UK, like fruity cranberry sauce, chutney, crisps, peanut brittle, award-winning lemon curd, and chocolate from Willies Cacao. They also do a reduced sugar Luxury Diabetic line with low-sugar or carbohydrate alternatives.

Hampers start from $525, order online at

Flora Floriculture

A flowers and TCM product healthy Christmas gift hamper from Flora Floriculture

Inspired by nature’s goodness, the “All the Best!” Healthy Food Hamper is a floral-themed basket from Flora Floriculture, a gorgeous mix of real flowers and foliage, as well as snacks with medicinal benefits, like Chen Pi & Kumquat Jam, Bamboo & Ginger Juice, and Spanish Rosemary Honey. Bonus for the very functional two-tier rack that can be reused around the house to hold condiments, face towels, soaps, etc.

$750 from

Petit Tippi

If you know a family that’s expecting, surprise the soon-to-be mama in your life with this super thoughtful Hospital Essentials Pack from Petit Tippi that’s filled with eco-friendly necessities for while you’re in the hospital. Comes with often-overlooked items like natural rubber bib pacifiers, organic bamboo diapers and baby wipes, maternity pads, and a reusable straw cup that’s much easier for Mum to drink from while she’s in labour. Petit Tippi also does a few other gift basket options filled with sustainable baby products, including a personalised newborn gift set option.

Costs $550 from


Not to be confused with the nearby luxury hotel of the same name, Rosewood Gift & Hamper is a gift basket company that offers an entire line of health and wellness gift hampers, in addition to classic Christmas hampers. These baskets come with seasonal fresh fruits, and other wellness-related goodies like organic teas, honey, multigrain bars, and muesli.

Hampers cost between $780-$2,680 from

The Masked Gifter

This newly launched personal gifting service takes the guesswork out of the process entirely, by handing gift selection and procurement off to a team of specialised gifting experts. Simply answer a few questions about who you’re buying for, what the budget is, and what the recipient is into, and the knowledgeable staff will throw together a festive and healthy gift hamper for you that’s sure to impress.

Gift plans start at $150/per month for a 12-month subscription, plus the cost of gift, visit

Get more gift ideas for the holiday season, with our roundup of experience gifts to give this Christmas.

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