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As we move through life, it’s important to get regular health checks. By understanding our baseline health status, we can take proactive steps to safeguarding our health, and make any necessary interventions to ward off preventable disease down the line. Well Woman health checks are a particularly important tool for women to get a better understanding of their health. There are healthcare providers all over Hong Kong that offer comprehensive checks tailored to your specific health concerns. Here are a few of our favourites.

Featured: OT&P Healthcare

Well Woman Health Check by OT&P

Recognising the importance of regular examinations, OT&P Healthcare has designed Well Woman health check packages in Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers to cater to women’s needs and concerns at every stage of their lives. The Gold package offers the most extensive screening options, including full cholesterol profile, thyroid, glucose and and vitamin levels, in addition to a PAP smear and 3D mammogram. If you have specific concerns, you can add on optional items at a discounted cost, including a DEXA bone density analysis, blood taking for osteoporosis assessment, and a package of dietitian consultations. Prices start at $2,500 for the basic package, going up to $9,900 for a comprehensive assessment. All packages include a 30-minute doctor consultation. Visit OT&P Women’s Health Screening Page for more information.

Central Health

This popular clinic offers a well woman health check service at their Central and Discovery Bay clinics. It offer three tiers of service, ranging from $2,570 for a basic check that includes a consultation, blood and urine tests, and the option to add on a PAP smear, all the way up to a comprehensive assessment at $7,200 that includes a thyroid, liver, heart and kidney function, infectious disease screening, cancer markers and more.


If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable health check, the new CircleX health screening service by Prenetics has a Complete Women health check service for $6,300. It covers a huge range of tests, including body composition, heart health, liver, kidney, thyroid funtion, autoimmune health and cancer markers. It also tests your biological age, dementia risk and body inflammation, as well as infectious disease and parasites. Please note that it does not include a PAP smear or mammogram.

Learn more about CircleX by Prenetics here!

Adventist Health

The Well Woman health checks run out of The Adventist focus on gynecological and breast health, with a breast ultrasound or mammogram, pelvic ultrasound and PAP smear coming as standard, together with blood tests and an overall physical exam and consultation. The enhanced test also comes with a DEXA bone density scan, HPV DNA test, ovarian cancer marker screening and GENI vaginal swab culture test. Prices start at $3,610 for the basic screening by a GP, up to $9,880 for the enhanced package by a designated specialist.

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