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THE BUZZ: Riding the wave of the meal prep trend, Eatology offers a highly customisable experience, with meal plans for every goal, plus the option to get a bespoke menu designed just for you.

THE PROGRAM: Eatology offers a selection of meal programs that use ingredients that are super fresh and healthy. Whether you want vegan, fat loss or high protein, Eatology will prep and deliver the meals to you each morning.

BEST BIT: It was great that we didn’t have to think about or plan our meals – we even had two yummy snacks to keep us going! All the meals were tasty, arrived on time and we were happy to eat all of them. At no point did we feel hungry and we found ourselves with more energy and more free time as we didn’t have to cook.

WORST BIT: You need a microwave to reheat the meals – so if you don’t have one in your home or office you’re a bit stuck. Luckily we love eggs, because we had them every morning. Having said that, they were different each day, from poached with turkey bacon to scrambled with salsa.

WHAT ELSE: Without trying too hard, it became easier to work in other good healthy habits, like drinking more herbal teas and water during the day. Our afternoon slump disappeared too.

THE COST: It depends on the program chosen, but a low-carb 1,500 calorie plan comprising three meals and two snacks is $398 per day.


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