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Presented by Tranquini

Introduced to Hong Kong just this year, Tranquini relaxation drink has been tasted by more than 300,000 Hongkongers looking for a new way to relax.

ahmedOriginating in Austria, Tranquini is a leading functional relaxation drink. It’s composed of naturally calming ingredients, such as green tea extract, chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, all of which are proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety, without causing drowsiness. The brand is also committed to encouraging a positively relaxed lifestyle that encourages people to take a step back and allow good to come into their lives. 
Ahmed Elafifi, Founder and Chief Relaxation officer at Tranquini says, “Every day we are faced with
countless stress-inducing challenges and we have seen an emergence of how a positive state of mind is becoming just as important as professional success or the pursuit of material wealth. Tranquini is a perfect complement to this trend as it provides the ability to remain focused and calm.”

Tranquini can be enjoyed any time of day or night, but is best consumed at these times: 

– to keep you calm and focused before an important performance, such as a speech or presentation 

– to relax your daily life, staying in a positively relaxed mood

– to enhance an already relaxing activity, such as yoga or jogging

-to cool down after physical activity, or after a night out 

tq-ginger-lemongrass Tranquini currently has two flavours available in Hong Kong: Tranquini Original (fruit) and Tranquini Jade (green tea). By the end of this year, Tranquini Jasper (pictured above) will be introduced, which contains notes of ginger and lemongrass.


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