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She Wears the Pants


After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Zarie exercise pants have hit the shelves, and are generating quite a bit of buzz for their fitness-boosting credentials. The fabric used is infused with ingredients such as retinol, fatty acids, caffeine, aloe vera and vitamin E via a micro-encapsulation process, which helps to improve skin texture and circulation and reduce bloating. The design of the leggings also balance hold and stretch, ensuring that they’re comfortable but “hug” as you work out. They’re also great for plane travel.

$450-$650 from


The Hit List

IMG_2901 copy

The HIIT training trend shows no signs of going away any time soon, as evidenced by the new Hit45 gym on Stanley Street. Specialising in 45-minute high-intensity classes, Hit45 combines free weights, functional movements and cardio to provide all over conditioning in one fast workout blast that takes place in a high-energy, ass-kicking environment. It also has eco-friendly treadmills that burn more calories and absorb more shock than regular machines, so you’re putting less strain on your joints. There are no joining fees or memberships; a one-off session is $270, while a package of five or 10 sessions are $1,250 or $2,200 respectively.

1/F Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley St., Central,


Cool Runnings

Ambi Climate (1)

Here’s a bit of tech that will help cut down your electricity bill this summer and save some fossil fuels too! Ambi Climate is a neat little device that hooks up to an app to control your air conditioner through your phone. You can turn it on and off remotely, and even program it to understand your needs and remember your preferred temperature settings over time. The algorithm will take into account your feedback as well as environmental and seasonal factors to provide an ideal temperature all year round, meaning no more alternating between melting and freezing and turning your aircon on and off all day long.

Units are $1,399 each and are available online at


Yas Queen

Regina Miracle - XB302

Local lingerie brand Regina Miracle has upped its sportswear game in a big way with the launch of its “Ready For Sport” range of sports bras. Known for its focus on comfort and fit, Regina Miracle’s new line has been engineered thoughtfully to solve the problems of normal sports bras: a hook and eye clasp mean no struggling to pull it off over your head after a sweaty workout; padded straps prevent digging on your shoulders; a flattering cross back to wear under racerback tees; and moulded cups prevent the dreaded “monoboob.” We had a test-drive at a trampoline class and were impressed with the support offered by the high-impact design, as well as the distinctly non-mumsy colour options.

$428 from Regina Miracle outlets citywide, including Shop 210, 2/F, Man Yee Arcade, 68 Des Voeux Road Central, 2763-5138,


My Chemsi Romance


A brand new almond butter company, Chemsi makes perfectly blended almond butters that are non-oily, deliciously creamy and come in three seriously yummy flavours: lightly roasted sea salt, dark chocolate and maple syrup with cinnamon. Sea salt is $55 for 100ml, while the other two flavours are $65. Or you can purchase all three jars for $150 and figure out which one’s your fave. The brand is really new right now so you can expect to see them on the market circuit, or order online at