What do healthy people eat: Emily Tan | Liv

Hong Kong 2015-8194-Edit

Sum up your food philosophy in a sentence.

Eat for your goals. It sounds cliched but how else can you identify how YOU should eat to support YOUR lifestyle?

What three items do you always have in your fridge?

Lemons, fish and garlic, though I should state that I don’t keep my peanut butter in the fridge.

What do you usually have for breakfast?

My breakfast usually consists of a protein with vegetables, or oatmeal with peanut butter. I prefer white fish, chicken, salmon or grass-fed whey protein from Island Supplements as my breakfast protein source. Coffee is a given – I am a coffee fanatic.

What are your favourite restaurants when eating out?

I cook the majority of my meals (hence the garlic in my fridge) so I hardly eat out, but when I do, those restaurants are often burger joints!  Butchers Club Burger and Burger Circus are among my favourites.

What do you eat on cheat day?

Over many years of trying to beat diets, I have learned that the term “cheat day” does more harm than good to my relationship with food. So my “relaxed day” food choices rotate between french fries, popcorn, fried rice…

Where do you go for a healthy lunch?

If I need to eat out for lunch, I opt for Wagyu Lounge or Oolaa in Central as they are very understanding with meal requests. Where else could you go asking to sub french fries with spinach and not get dirty looks from the wait staff?

What’s one thing you wished people knew about diet and nutrition?

It takes knowledge, patience, consistency and courage to make healthy choices. There is a reason why fitness professionals invest time and money on their education, so people can then seek help from them!  A good source of nutritional guidance is the “Hong Kong Nutrition Guide” Facebook page, which is, in my terminology, “keepin’ it real.”

Last meal on earth: what would it be?

Oh dear, what a HARD choice! The Burger still wins though so it would be a pairing of burgers and fries… do I get dessert with my last meal?