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A woman performs a chakra reading with a client
Flora Chan

What exactly is a chakra reading? We go right to the source with a Hong Kong-based chakra reader for the low-down on this ancient practice.

 The Buzz

Feeling out of sorts? The answer could lie in your chakras, the seven energy centres that many believe exist in our bodies to help facilitate the flow of energy. While some might balk at the term, chakras are actually a longstanding part of yoga tradition and practice; if you’ve ever practiced plow pose or lion’s breath, for example, you’ve activated your throat chakra. Chakra healers assess your energetic alignment, giving you a sort of spiritual inventory so you can work on unblocking that pesky energy clog and get back to your best self. 

The Experience

A solar plexus chakra pendant from Flora Chan, a chakra reader
Flora Chan

We meet with chakra expert Flora Chan in Sheung Wan for our reading. Flora starts the reading by explaining what chakras are, and how they can manifest in our lives. From our initial conversation, she seems confident that our root chakra, representative of stability and grounding, is healthy, but detects under-activity in our solar plexus chakra. A healthy solar plexus chakra allows you to know yourself and live confidently; a blockage here can express itself as self-doubt or in physical ways like asthma or poor digestion. Each chakra is associated with a colour, and as the solar plexus is yellow, Flora recommends absorbing more yellow energy, including spending time in the sun and drinking lemon water. She also points out that just by acknowledging one’s energy, it can be changed – a chakra-fied take on mindfulness, if you will. 

The Verdict

A great way to think about chakras is doing a full-body inventory of your health and wellbeing. Exploring how we feel about different areas of our life and psyche is never a bad thing, and it provides an opportunity in our busy lives to self-reflect and be mindful. The entire chakra reading wasn’t unlike a therapy session, and in that vein, felt like a healthy and productive way to spend an hour just checking in with ourselves. 

Chakra readings cost $500, with discounted rates available when purchasing Flora’s chakra-inspired jewellery line, Flo Jewellery. Visit or email chakras@ if you want to make a booking. 

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