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If your baby is continually kicking off a blanket, it might be time to invest in an infant sleep sack. A bit like a sleeping bag but with snaps at the shoulder to keep it secure, infant sleep sacks help to keep baby warm through the night, reducing nighttime wakings. They come in a variety of thicknesses, so how to know which type is the best for you? We go through the options:

Light sleep sacks for summer (0.5 tog or less)

Usually made from a single sheet of organic cotton or muslin, these sacks come without padding and are ideal for summer if your aircon is set to between 22.5 and 24.5 degrees. Team with a thin sleepsuit or onesie with sleeves so that baby is always covered with at least one layer of fabric.

Malabar Baby

OUR PICKMalabar Baby’s lightweight “wearable blankets” are made from premium organic Indian – ideal for sensitive and delicate skin. The bags come with a front zipper in addition to shoulder fastenings and feature beautiful prints. $325 from

Thicker sleep sacks for winter (above 2 tog)

Even in the height of summer some babies (and adults for that matter) prefer to sleep in an icy cold room and feel snug as a bug in a heavy duvet. If that sounds like your little one, opt for a Winter infant sleep sack and keep their arms warm with a long-sleeved sleepsuit.

infant sleep sack - the gro company

OUR PICK – If you’re looking for something warmer, The Gro Company’s latest 2.5 tog quilted option comes with a super soft jersey cotton outer and lining for extra cosiness. There are poppers at the shoulders and a zip that goes around all sides, making it one of the easiest to get wriggly babies into. $319 from

Best year-round sleep sacks (1 tog)

Lightly padded sacks at this weight are usually the economical choice as they can work across all seasons. In winter, wrap your baby in a fleecy onesie for extra warmth, and set your aircon to 20-22.5 degrees in the summer.

infant sleep sack - ergopouch

OUR PICK – Hailing from Australia, the 1.0 tog Ergopouch is more slim-fitting than others on the market and comes in a super soft , lightly quilted jersey material that keeps baby perfectly snug. They have a gorgeous range of unisex prints and the larger size can fit babies from 8 to 24 months. $290 from

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