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Looking for a bubbling plant-based broth? Here’s where to dive into a delicious and healthy vegetarian hotpot in Hong Kong.

Megan’s Kitchen 

Megan's Kitchen, hotpot in Hong Kong with a separate vegetarian menu.

This long-standing, Michelin-recommended hotpot favourite is known for its unique broths and brightly-coloured fishballs, but did you know it has a separate menu that’s totally vegetarian? Pick from a Japanese miso or Cantonese veg soup base, and then pick from an impressive selection of tofu, mushrooms and fresh veg, as well as Omnipork and Beyond meat dumplings and “meatballs.” Don’t forget to load up on freshly-made noodles; there are more than 20 types to choose from.  

5F, Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wan Chai Rd., Wan Chai,
2866-8305, meganskitchen.com

The Drunken Pot 

Drunken Pot subdivided hotpot in Hong Kong, perfect for vegetarian, healthy hotpot.

With its funky interiors and creative menu, you know you’re in for a good time at The Drunken Pot. You can order a variety of broths in subdivided pots, making this an excellent option for an omnivorous friendship group. Plant-based hotpotters should select the rich mushroom and truffle soup base before diving right in. You’ll find unusual veg here, including curly kale and spiralized courgettes, in addition to the typical lineup of noodles and tofu. The sauce station is especially recommended here. 


Outlets in TST and Causeway Bay. 

Beauty in the Pot 

Hailing from Singapore, Beauty in the Pot is a wellness-focused (yes, really!) hotpot chain is all about nourishing broths and healthy ingredients. After sipping your health-boosting welcome drink, take a seat at one of the sugary-pink banquettes, before getting stuck into the sauce station, which also comes with a mini-buffet of sliced fruit. The soup bases are all designed with health in mind (pick the mixed-mushroom if you want to go vegetarian), but after that the produce is pretty much the standard hotpot fare of fresh veggies, tofu and noodles. Special shout-out to the health drinks to help keep everything in perfect balance. Oh and there’s a soft play area for kids complete with CCTV, so parents can keep half an eye on the little ones while they eat. 

Shop 803, 8F, Gala Place, 56 Dundas St., Mong Kok, 3162-8238.


This mainland hotpot mega-chain is known for its vast array of soups and dishes, including a meat-free tomato soup base option for veggies. You can even go with your carnivore friends, as your hotpot can hold up to – wait for it – nine different soup at a time!

Outlets citywide, including TST, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. facebook.com/HaidilaoHK

Lao Guo

This Taiwanese restaurant specialises in healthy, TCM-inspired hotpot so you can enjoy a delicious broth without the sodium overload. It offers a hearty vegetarian hotpot experience, starring a halved winter melon nestled in a rich broth of veggies and mushrooms. Then select your faves from the extensive veggie men, which features plenty of organic veg. Happy to spring for a bit of meat? The nourishing chicken gingseng or collagen soup is touted for its health benefits. Outlets in TST and Causeway Bay.


Light Vegetarian Restaurant

This no-frills Chinese restaurant specialises in Cantonese classics made with mock meats. It offers seasonal hotpot brimming with veggies, mushrooms and tofu.

New Lucky House, 13 Jordan Rd., Jordan, 2384-2833

Tip: have your own hotpot at home! veghamper.com sells a spicy vegan hotpot broth for home hotpotting!

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