Spa Review: Elemental Herbology Five Elements Facial at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental | Liv


MOHKG Spa Facial (High Res.)

THE BUZZ: With the full skincare range exclusively available in Hong Kong at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Elemental Herbology treats your skincare concerns according to the five elements: wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Using theories of herbal medicine combined with science-based skincare, the Five Elements facial tailors its products and steps to suit all skin types.  

THE SPA: With its dark wood interior and subtle Asian flourishes, the Spa is widely considered one of the best in Hong Kong, and for good reason. Check in an hour before your treatment to take maximum advantage of the kniepp wading pool, steam room and showers, before retreating to a semi-private cabin in the waiting area for magazines, infused water, fresh fruit and cookies.

THE PROCEDURE: First, we were given a lifestyle consultation that revealed our dominant element, as well as highlighting any imbalances that needed correcting. Our dominant element that day was “Earth” and so we required a facial that would help to brighten dull and tired-looking skin. The therapist used lymphatic massage techniques to combat puffiness, while the masks infused our skin with vitamins, bio-actives and essential fatty acids. The great thing about this facial is that on another day, the therapist might use an entirely different line of products to address different concerns.

BEST BIT: The effects of the treatment lasted for days, with no unruly breakouts that often come post-facial. We felt as though we stepped out of the spa looking refreshed and well-rested, not a shiny mess.

WHAT ELSE? Until the end of September, all visitors spending $1,500 or more at the spa will get a $200 gift voucher to spend on dinner for two either at Pierre or Cafe Causette.


60-minutes: $1,400 (weekdays) or $1,500 (weekends)

90-minutes: $2,000 (weekdays) or $2,200 (weekends)

24/F, The Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Rd., Central, 2825-4888,