Plant-Based Chicken Brand TiNDLE Launches in Hong Kong | Liv


Plant-Based Chicken Brand TiNDLE Launches in Hong Kong

Yes, another plant-based protein has just dropped in Hong Kong! Billing itself as “chicken made from plants”, TiNDLE is a soy and wheat gluten meat alternative boasting similar flavour, texture and aroma of chicken, as well as protein content (17g per 100g serving). With just nine ingredients too, it’s arguably less processed than competitors like Beyond and Impossible. Check it out at 19 different restaurants around town, including Potato Head, Alvy’s, Second Draft, Poem and Katsumoto Sando Bar.

In celebration of the launch, the company is offering a series of free TiNDLE snacks around town, from 1PM: chicken sandos at Doubleshot in Central on July 5; chicken bagels at 404 Bagels in Sheung Wan July 6; and chicken burgers at Big Birdy’s in Wan Chai July 7. Only 1o0 up for grabs so there early before they run out!

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