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Easy Queasy

cmyk QUEASE_EASE_vertical copy

The first trimester of pregnancy, and sometimes even beyond, can knock your metabolism for six, leaving you with mad food cravings (jalapeños and chocolate milk, anyone?) or simply feeling seasick without the benefit of a relaxing cruise. If you’re spending excessive time hugging porcelain these days then Erbaviva’s Quease Ease organic lip balm might just be the silver bullet for morning sickness. Featuring a blend of peppermint and ginger oils, this smart little stick will quell your nausea… or at the very least keep your lips looking good while you recover.

$160 from Mayarya, 26 Jervois St., Sheung Wan, 2968-0929,


Monkeys in the Tree

cmyk Yarn monkey doll_set copy

If you’re expecting a baby monkey this year, congratulations! (and we hope you’ve stocked up on lipbalm). TREE has launched this stripey pair of primates just in time for Chinese New Year. They make for a thoughtful gift for any new additions arriving in 2016. As well as brightening up the nursery, these irresistibly cute and cuddly toys provide a valuable income to the women of Do Son in Vietnam. Their talent with yarn helps to provide for their families while you get a plush new pal to add to yours.

$325 from TREE, 22 Elgin St., Central, 2841-8844,


Stretch your wings


Flex Studio is debunking the myth of the junk food-scoffing, screen-addicted couch potato teen by empowering youngsters to take care of their bodies with dedicated FlexTeens Pilates sessions. Encouraging better posture, improved concentration and – crucially for this age group – promoting body confidence, the fun sessions get them into the habit of exercising from an early age and allow them to feel smug when they’ve made it to a workout that day but you haven’t. Surely the best motivation of all for any teen…

FlexTeen Pilates drop-in classes cost $260; packages available. 3/F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham St., Central, 2813-2399,