Family Health News for September | Liv

Much like the experience of childbirth, six weeks of school holidays require a full year of recuperation in order to fully salvage your strength and prepare yourself to do it all over again. We’re celebrating back to school month with a few nifty new family essentials for September.


Bug Buster

ACQUASSIMO0218132387-1 copy

If your bub is a little grub, you probably have armloads of sanitisers, antibac gels and wipes in your home, handbag and pockets. The problem is that small hands usually go straight back in the mouth as soon as you’ve swabbed, meaning your kiddo ends up swallowing whatever you’ve just doused them in. Step forward Aquassimo. This clever disinfectant kills 99 percent of bacteria, but leaves behind nothing more sinister than water. It’s fragrance-free, contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives and can be used on everything from hands to highchairs, making it ideal for when you’re on the go.

$58-$156. Buy online at


All Good In The Hood


Selling ethically-made-in-Hong-Hong tees in super-soft organic cotton, Good ‘Hoods let your kiddos declare their clan allegiance in the coolest way possible. Currently available for kids from three to 12 years, the bold location prints include K-Town, Southside, Sai Kung, Happy Valley, Mid-Levels and Pok Fu Lam, to name just a few. With more ‘hoods in the works (we’re rooting for Lantau) and adult tees and totes to follow, this brand is undoubtedly one to watch, but they’re not just a pretty face – any profits from the line are donated to Enrich, a local charity that schools migrant workers in financial literacy. Doing good in your ‘hood has never looked better.

$180 each. Buy online at


A Family Affair

Workout1 copy

Launched earlier this year, Espada is a new multi-disciplinary fitness studio in Sheung Wan. Embracing a fully family-friendly policy, the gym’s Parent n’ Tots classes aim to whip mums and dads into shape while enabling them to bring their kids – aged 15 months to three years – along for the ride. And we mean that quite literally; you’ll be joining your offspring in relays, playing tag and most fun of all, using them as a free weight. The take-home message? You’re never too young to earn your keep.

$150 per class. 1 Jervois St., Sheung Wan, 2885-1922,