SaladStop! launches three new salads for the cooler months

We know it sounds mad to be talking about winter when it’s still 30 degrees out, but that drop in temperature will come sooner than you think! When you’re craving stodge, check out SaladStop! which is launching healthy, hearty warm salad bowls to fill your tummy and keep you warm, too. Try the El Chulo, a spicy bowl of quinoa, chickpeas, baby spinach, avocado and black beans, all topped with Impossible stew. Or try the Inhale Exhale, a warming bowl of mushrooms, roasted Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, cherry tomato, grapes and toasted almonds on a bed of spinach and rocket. Available at SaladStop!’s three locations: Quarry Bay, Pacific Place III and Two Exchange Square.

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