Hong Kong cinema-themed NFT collection CRYPTIQUES launches | Liv


Hong Kong cinema-themed NFT collection CRYPTIQUES launches

Love them or hate them, NFTs are everywhere these days. Short for “non-fungible tokens,” they’re limited edition digital artworks that are stored online, tradable, and presumably gain value
over time. Although there’s no shortage of them on the market, one collection caught our attention.

CRYPTYQUES is a Hong Kong classic movie-themed NFT collectible launching in June. It’s created by legendary director and photographer Wing Shya (known for his work with Wong Kar-wai), and features iconic scenes from Hong Kong cinema. Think Tony Leung in “My Heart Is That Eternal Rose,” or Leslie Cheung in “Nomad.”

The collection aims to get people revisiting these classic films, and celebrating the golden era of Hong Kong cinema. There are a total of 1,320 NFTs in this collection, and an additional 50 will be donated to raise money for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

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