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Earth Day Celebrations on April 22

This April marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day, the global environmental movement that brought environmental issues to the forefront of public consciousness. The original Earth Day was started by a US senator in 1970, and within a year had led to important pieces of environmental protection legislation being passed in America – which goes to show, a little civic engagement goes a long way! There are several Earth Day cleanups, workshops, fundraisers, and other events in Hong Kong you can support on April 22, but challenge yourself to go even greener all month (or year!) by changing your habits or routines, spreading the word about climate action, or doing what you can to lobby for change on a larger scale. The Earth Day website has oodles of ideas, campaigns, and easy-to-follow resources on how you can become a more serious climate crusader in 2020 – so show the planet some love all year round!

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