'Bravery Grows' is a new psychologist-authored children's book about dealing with anxiety | Liv


‘Bravery Grows’ is a new psychologist-authored children’s book about dealing with anxiety

With mental health issues on the rise, it’s always a good time to speak to our kids about the importance of emotional support. Local psychologists Dr Melissa Giglio and Daisy Geddes co-wrote “Bravery Grows”, a kids’ book about a little girl struggling with anxiety and worry, and how she learns to overcome them. What’s useful about this book is that the authors have embedded tools and strategies used by therapists within the story, providing a useful blueprint for parents and caregivers to follow. The plot also raises awareness of conditions like selective mutism and anxiety disorders in children. “Bravery Grows” is available at Bookazine and on Amazon for $175.

Currently only available in English, it will also be published in Putonghua from next month.


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