Non-profit Pangyao offers social networking for FDHs | Liv


Non-profit Pangyao offers social networking for FDHs

Hong Kong is home to an estimated 500,000 foreign domestic workers and ethnic minorities, many of whom are at risk of feeling isolated due to cultural differences and language. Pangyao is a new social enterprise creating an online platform for these groups to safely share stories, find relevant information and resources, and build new friendships while away from home. The platform offers information and resources for anyone new to Hong Kong, events listings, NGO profiles, even a blogging platform for aspiring writers. The passion project of two friends, a second-generation, HK-born Filipino migrant and a British expat, the platform is meant to be a safe space for at-risk groups in the city to connect and support one another. So spread the word about this freshly launched, noble cause!

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